Every construction project is not prepared to build structures from scratch. In some projects, it is aimed to renew and strengthen an existing structure or to return it to its original structure. This kind of remaking projects can be qualified as restoration. Trans-t construction designs the projects grounding on renewing and strengthening the old structures. Since the restoration is actualized within a certain plan, "What are the project stages of restoration?" question becomes important.


A project to be restored is planned and implemented step by step.
It is essential to photograph the structure to be restored or record it with video recording devices before proceeding to the restoration phase. Scaling the structure recorded in detail by photo or video is a value operation. Except for these, it is important to pay attention to features such as the history of the structure, its legal status, and restoration works.

The first stage of the restoration works is the building survey. This stage is a preparation stage. At this stage, the structure is analyzed literally and photographed from several aspects. Plans and sections are prepared at this stage.

The second stage is the restitution stage. At this stage, interventions which will bedone to the structure are determined. In the third stage, the methods determined in the second stage are applied to it without disturbing the historical structure.

At the last stage, the application and interventions are completed and the restoration works are completed.


"What is restoration?" "What does architectural restoration do?" Are the questions that require technical expertise. Architectural restoration is the name given to the renovation of old and historical structures in accordance with the original in the scientific principles. To renew some historical artifacts, the answer of "What is architectural restoration?" should be sought.
Since architectural restoration is aimed at historical structures unlike normal restorations, it is necessary to be sensitive and use original construction techniques. First of all, construction techniques should be determined considering the current period of the historical structure and the materials to be used should be selected in a way that does not harm the fabric of the historical structure.
Architectural restoration is not only a process of reviving historical buildings, but also reviving history because it is aimed to restore historical findings appropriately. In recent years, the renovation of historical buildings has gained importance in our country. As Trans-t Construction, if we would like to mention about our architectural restoration projects; Göbeklitepe, military barracks located in the Topkapi Palace Sur-u Sultan area, Eyüp Rami Barracks 1st Stage.
Trans-t Construction is a leading company with a pioneering role in various projects throughout the country and you can rely on Trans-t Construction's knowledge and experience for the restoration of various historical buildings and bringing the hidden history to light.